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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 8, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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and done, it will be a hurricane, which means it will satisfy the wind conditions of a hurricane, 74 or higher, but it will be a different type of storm in the winter. this is going to be a monster, no doubt. for primarily the bulls eye will be eastern long island. eastern sections of connecticut, rhode island, and west of 45 in boston. temperatures, 37 gaithersburg. 43 in manassas. these aren't too bad. 40 in la plata and the cold front goes through, it will drop temperatures. the wind is on our doorstep. 24-mile an hour wind gusts. and a 37-mile per hour wind gusts in petersburg. for tonight, mostly cloudy, a shower or snow shower possible early. lows 26 to 32. we'll come back and talk more about that storm in new england and put into perspective and talk about our weekend. >> thanks, topper.
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snow from this monster storm is already hitting northeast states, but the blizzard conditions aren't expected to really pick up in most places until later this evening. marchly hall has the latest from hartford, connecticut. >> anita, this winter storm is packing quite a punch. the worst is yet to come. >> the icy sleet that pelted new york city this afternoon is turning into a full blown snowstorm this evening. by tomorrow, manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it gets crazy, stay in. if not, you know, keep on moving. that's how new york is. >> a nasa satellite photo shows the nor easter colliding with another storm from the west. creating a wintery double whammy for the northeast. coastal neighborhoods still recovering from superstorm sandy are preparing for hurricane force winds and storm surges. residents in hartford, connecticut, started clearing the first few inches of snow this afternoon. they are expecting 2 feet.
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connecticut's governor declared a state of emergency. >> do yourself and the state a favor and stay off the highways. >> people are filling gas cans to fill their generators in case the power goes out. and ed filled up his plow truck. he bought gas for generators yesterday. >> looking at 100 yesterday. >> parts of massachusetts, including boston, could get 3 feet of snow. >> we expect up to 2 to 3 inches of accumulation per hour, making for extremely dangerous conditions. >> in maine, the stormy weather caused a 19 car pileup with no serious injuries. amtrak trains stopped running north of new york city today. many airports across new england are shut down and thousands of flights are canceled. >> winds are beginning to gust heavily right now here in hartford, connecticut. and the worst of the snowstorm
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will come at about 9:00 p.m. tonight. reporting from hartford, connecticut, i'm marley hall. back to you. united airlines canceled 2,000 flights ahead of this storm and several mass transit systems are being shut down in new england as of now. there was no storm, but it was lights out this afternoon for tens and thousands of pepco customers, including dozens of schools and three metro stations. first a tree fell on to power lines. at about the same time, an overcharged, underground transmitter was discovered in the 6200 block of central avenue in capital heights. the cause, an improperly installed generator at the shopper center was sending electricity without its knowledge and the result could have been catastrophic. fear of a possible explosion led to the evacuation of a shopping center and 20 homes nearby. everything is back to normal now, but the outage and the confusion around it caused some panic for the family of a
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dialysis patient being treated in that area. >> i came to pick up my husband after dialysis and i couldn't get in the building. i still don't know what's going on. i don't know where my husband is. >> he was sitting in a wheelchair right in that corner. >> somebody from dialysis brought him home. >> somebody put him there? okay. all right. so he's home? thank god for that. >> so her husband is safe and about 38,000 customers lost electricity at the height of all of this. at last check, only a few hundred customers were still without power in the area. so, we now know the story to sunday's super bowl blackout. the manufacture blames a low trip -- the outage would have
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been avoided if the operator had set the trip threshold higher. ironically, the equipment was installed to approve the electrical reliability at the dome. the company in charge of supplying power to the superdome says steps have been taken to prevent this from happening again. more than 100 police officers are scouring a mountain ski town in southern california searching for that former l.a.p.d. officer still wanted for those three murders. the latest from l.a. >> reporter: police are checking cars in a snowstorm east of los angeles for accused killer, christopher dorner. his burned out pickup truck was found in the big bear area on thursday. s.w.a.t. teams are using snow caps to reach remote areas. >> it's about eight square miles is what we are searching. there's about 200 empty cabins that we're going to check one by one, using our s.w.a.t. guys. >> the former lapd officer is
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wanted for shooting three people. dorner declared war on law enforcement. >> it's extremely dangerous. i explained to them to be very careful. our folks are highly trained. >> the l.a.p.d. fired dorner in 2008. accused a fellow officer of using excessive force in the field. the department ruled dorner was lying. police say dorner's first victims were monica and her fiance. she is the daughter of the l.a.p.d. officer who represented dorner during his hearings. authorities are regarding targets listed on dorner's manifesto. they are not certain the 33- year-old suspect is still in the big bear area and admits the burned out truck could be a diversion or a trap. cbs news, los angeles. and there's a tragic twist to the story. the l.a.p.d. yesterday mistakenly shot and wounded two people who were just riding in a pickup that looked like dorner's. anita. >> a grim all-night search at
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a jesup, maryland. turned up a body. the girl's mother appeared in court today where documents revealed a disturbing motive. scott broom is outside the courthouse in annapolis tonight to tell us more. >> 25-year-old mother, chelsea booth, told investigators she believed her precious little child, cassidy, had been put under a quote, muslim curse, and was possessed by evil spirits. cassidy booth was just two years old. chelsey was arrested thursday after confessing to smothering her own daughter and disposing of the little body in this dumpster earlier this week at the annapolis apartment complex where they lived. late yesterday, search dogs were brought to this trash transfer facility in jesup, where the overnight search turned up cassidy's body. the investigation started after a neighbor called police worried that little cassidy was
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missing. today, charging documents revealed that booth allegedly believed cassidy was suffering from a muslim curse placed on her by her estranged father and the girl was possessed by an evil spirit. in annapolis, scott broom, wusa9. booth is the mother of at least one other child who is being cared for by relatives. authorities in frederick, maryland, found the remains of a northern virginia man who disappeared two years ago. 29-year-old oscar was last seen
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in july of 2011 at a construction job in tyson's corner. his body was identified through dna testing. his death is being called a homicide. >> a major new development featuring a harris teter is going up at one of bethesda's busiest intersections. it will be located on the corner of wisconsin and wood monte avenue. that's near the walter reid national medical center. in addition to the supermarket, there will be apartments along with underground parking. this project is scheduled to open in the spring of 2015. coming up, move over, g.i. joe, there's a new action figure in town and he's packing heat. what's this about? >> also ahead, breaking the stigma of mental illness. we'll hear one local family's astonishing tale. they are more likely to
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: we have a developing story out of chicago where sources say former congressman, jesse jackson jr. has admitted to violating campaign finance lawings. jackson has reportedly signed papers in a plea deal where he admits using political contributions to buy a $40,000rolex watch, travel expenses for a friend and furniture for his home in washington. the son of civil rights leader, jesse jackson, resigned from congress last year siting health concerns. under the terms of the deal, jackson's sentence could range from probation to prison time. members of the military and their families are on edge tonight over the possibility of longer deployment. deep automatic spending military cuts kick in march 1. that is unless congress and the white house can make a deal on a less drastic reduction plan. the navy says the cuts would mean less money for training and longer to prepare crews for deployment. the new war on terror took
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center stage. all this talk of drones and cyber attacks, it dominated the confirmation hearing for cia director, john brennan, it will also be the lead topic on this week's face the nation. joining us now live from d.c. is the host, cbs chief washington correspondent, bob shaefer. even some obama supporters found themselves uneasy about this idea that is legal to kill american citizens, basically because the white house says okay, they're bad guys.
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very concerned about this issue.
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bob shaefer face the nation, sunday, thank you. a connecticut toy company is hoping to cash in on a recent early release photo of president obama skeet shoot at camp david. created an action figure doll of the president holding a hunting rifle and wearing a play pi john t-shirt. >> equal opportunity, what do you call them? dolls. >> they pick on everybody. >> the schoolgirl thing, that's a little different. okay, a couple things. you know what i did at noon today? i was at home. a little hot tea and i watched howard live on my ipad and it was fantastic.
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down load our news app and it has a weather app built inside. you can watch streaming video. it is perfect. >> you've been wishing you were in northeast. >> i talked to -- i have a lot of weather friends in the northeast right now sending me pictures on twitter. i will pass them along to you. i sent a couple out already. i talked to my mother-in-law, too. i gave her a trick question. the largest snowfall of a storm, bigger in boston, or bigger in d.c.? >> d.c. i think boston. >> you would think boston, she knew where i was going. it's d.c., the snow 28 inches, beat boston by .5. all right, let's talk about what happened this morning west of town. we talked about a mix west of town and there was snow and sleet. the sleet got us close to rockville and gaithersburg, but the snow is out toward leesburg. they had a coating. out toward culpeper and further south and west, they had a couple inches. no real problems this morning.
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that was the closest thing we had to this blizzard. let's take a live look outside. it is our weather camera and looking at national airport. pretty quiet, 42. some breaks in the clouds already. winds out of the northeast at 12. these winds will begin to pick up, especially by midnight. we'll see gusts over 30 miles per hour after midnight. temperatures are not horrible. i mean, 39 in reston. 40 in fairfax. 40 in springfield. 38 in bethesda. 40 in old town and 39 at andrews and 40 down toward waldorf. so, here is the storm. it is really starting to kick up. the scary part about this storm is the center of the storm is just off of norfolk in the delmarva and it is pounding these guys. so, as we said and you know, anita said earlier and lesli, that the heaviest snow and the blizzard conditions will not develop until tonight across much of long island, connecticut, rhode island, and also massachusetts. they are getting good snows. my mother-in-law had 5 inches
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of snow by 1:00 p.m. today and it was just starting to pick up. we have one batch of showers that rotate back around this system. a couple showers possible tonight. maybe even a snow shower later tonight, but you're going to have a wet commute going home out route 7 and also at the toll road as well. nothing heavy, but enough to wet the roads. so, some showers for the commute home. winds will pick up over 30 miles per hour. windy and colder tomorrow. dress for the 20s tomorrow because of the windchills. and milder and nice on sunday. a nice way to finish the weekend. so for tonight, mostly cloudy, windy and colder. shower or snow shower possible. 26 to 32 and winds northwest 15 to 30 and gusty. by morning, partly cloudy, windy, and cold. grab your shades. winds now 15 to 30 and gusty. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. by afternoon, still windy, but not as windy. mostly sunny, windy, colder. windchills in the 20s all day, but winds 10 to 20 and gusty as opposed to 15 to 30 and high
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temperatures near 40. zone forecast, great skiing. again, west of the divide and down toward the valley. 26 for a high in oakland. and you're under a winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. you'll have more snow tonight. 34 in cumberland tomorrow. 39 winchester. 39 in fairfax. you go eastward, 39 downtown. 40 for annapolis. all kinds of advisories on the bay. stay off the water tomorrow. next three days, our 9 weather alerts are green. 39 tomorrow. nice on sunday, upper 40s. a few clouds come in late at the head of this next storm. good news, 52, bad news rain and showers will greet us on monday. tuesday great. definitely golfable. i mentioned that today at noon. low 50s, no doubt about that. another system comes at us tuesday and into wednesday. excuse me, wednesday into thursday. and maybe it ends as snow wednesday night or thursday morning. temperatures go back in the 40s and bounce back into the low
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50s on friday. so, i'll keep tweeting out pictures from new england because it makes me happy. >> as long as you are sending pictures and not sending photos from outside here. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> it makes us happy, because it's not here. >> everybody is happy, it's a win/win. thanks, top. monday, it was joe flacco. last night it is coaches had a turn on the late show. hear what john harbaugh had to say when david letterman asked him, come on, who was the parent's favorite growing up? we want to know, too. up next, the secret service is investigating the publication of private busch family e-mails and photographs on a gossip website.
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new information in the uk phone hacking scandal. two of britain's most prominent citizens are among those getting settlement money because their phones were hacked. lawyers of the former duchess of york says he has apologized and agreed to pay her a significant, but undisclosed amount of money for intercepting her voice mail messages. a settlement has also reportedly been reached with hugh grant. a new report says a computer hacker accessed
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private photos and e-mails between members of the busch family, including both presidents. they go back to 2009, according to the smoking gun website. one hacked e-mail reveals the health of 88-year-old george h. bush was so perilous, that stories were being solicited for the eulogy at his funeral. finally contends the government has been investigating him for a long time. to the victor goes the spoils and the spoils continue for the super bowl champion, baltimore ravens. >> last night, head coach, john harbaugh was the guest on the late show with david letterman. he revealed that neither he or his brother, john, were his parents favorite. >> did you ever get a sense growing up that there was favoritism one to the other? were you the favorite? was jim the favorite? >> i felt like jim was the favorite pretty much our whole -- i did. jim felt like he was the favorite, but our sister was the real baby girl. >> joni.
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>> where does she coach? >> interesting you ask. >> in case you didn't know, joni is married to the head basketball coach at indiana university. coming up on wusa9. it's a subject a lot of people deal with, but not many talk about openly. hear one brave couple's fight to protect their son as she battles mental illness. we'll be back. >> a heartbreaking visit. a loved one's grave site. many tears for a young woman many tears for a young woman gunned down and don't know why. many tears for a young woman gunned down and don't know why. we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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it's been six months since the high school student was gunned down in her own bed in her home and no arrests have been made in the murder of 17- year-old amber stanley. surae chin was the only reporter invited when her family dedicated a bench at her grave site on what was supposed to be amber's 18th birthday. >> my baby should be there. >> a small gathering for huge, empty hearts. >> happy birthday. >> the grief almost too much to bare for amber's father as if she was taken just yesterday. >> it hurts me to know the way she died and that she's not here. >> the 17-year-old honor roll student was kill when had a gunman kicked in the door to her bedroom and shot her several times. but police haven't caught the
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person who snatched her life away six months ago. >> someone could have the heartlessness to kill a little girl and roam the streets and not caught, no one is saying anything, doing anything and stuff like that. i'm really upset about that. >> we're here celebrating her birthday with her, you know, and she's in a better place than we are here on earth, i feel. >> amber talked about moving in with her father as soon as she turned 18. and that's why this day is especially difficult. >> knowing that i'm not going to be able to see her, not in this life again, is a hard thing. >> he had to pay for his daughter's large dreams somehow. >> i purchased my home. i am still working because of my daughter. >> amber modeled and wanted to attend harvard. she was his whole life. >> i have a picture of her before i go in my kitchen. i say, good morning, baby. and look at her.
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it's really hard, you know. >> happy birthday. >> in brentwood, maryland, surae chinn, wusa9. >> police say they are still actively looking for the person who killed amber. they want people to call in information no matter how insignificant it might seem. there is still a $25,000 reward and if you do call police, you can remain anonymous. any time there's a mass shooting in this country, like the one at sandy hook elementary in newtown, americans pay more attention to that subject of mental illness. >> the reality is, most people diagnosed with a mental health disorder are not likely to be violent. according to one landmark study. andrea mccarren is here to tell us more. andrea. >> in fact, those who suffer from mental illness are more likely to be victims to violence. mental illness is not often discussed. but it affects one in four american families. that's according to the national alliance on mental illness.
5:32 pm
this evening, a virginia family is speaking out about its experience. so others will know they are not alone. >> this is my man cave. this is where i watch my movies. >> elliot is a 23-year-old history and movie buff. >> we have timothy dalton from living daylights. >> deep beneath his youthful exuberance is a mental illness. >> i like facts about history, religion, politics. >> you don't love your child any less because they have a mental illness. you love them probably more. sometimes i think elliot was put here on earth for us just to see if we could make it through. >> i'm a good person. >> smart. >> smart and talented. >> beat dad on jeopardy. >> usually beat dad on jeopardy. >> a lot of memories in those books. >> misdiagnosed with add as a first grader. it took years for elliot to get the correct diagnosis. asasberger's syndrome.
5:33 pm
often repetitive behaviors. he also has a mental illness. psychosis, a loss of contact with reality. >> he actually went out to a dumpster, they were building a new home, and started banging his head on the dumpster. if that doesn't break your heart, i don't know what does. to see someone go through that and now to look at elliot. >> i was delusional. >> you were delusional, but you're doing so good now. >> there were years of heartbreak and struggle. he head butted his father and the family was forced to call 911. >> elliot was thrown to the ground by a police officer, shackles put on his feet. that was hard to see. a as matter of fact, i think i cried my eyeballs out that night. >> we struggled to, you know, work together and being on the same page and that was always hard, difficult, because we have different ideas how we should have handled things.
5:34 pm
>> over the years, elliot has been in and out of hospitals. >> it's very scary. the lowest moment is when he was totally delusional and he thought he could fly. >> treatment and medication have helped elliot enormously and now his parents fear for his future. what will happen to their son when they are gone? options are extremely limited. >> i want him to live a normal life. he's probably 85, 90 percent normal right now. why should he be put in with a mixed population of people who have very, very bad anger management problems or severe illnesses? would you want your son to go to a place like that? >> it's tough. it's tough, but you have to keep trying. try your best. >> there's little time for self-pity. elliot and his family are
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looking forward. taking each day one step at a time. >> elliot is just the sweetest person. he brings a lot of joy into our lives. >> i'm very proud of him. >> i feel sorry for the really, really, really disabled kids that can't dress themselves, can't get their own showers. i don't know why god would do that to people. why would god make people so disabled? >> elliot is among the lucky ones. his parents, obviously, make sure he eats well, takes his medication, and gets the help he needs. others don't have that kind of support system. and the statistics are grim. one in ten children live with a serious mental or emotional disorder. the average age of on set is 14. if you would like more information on mental illness and the resources that are available, you can find them on our website at anita. so important to bring this issue into the light. thanks, andrea. the pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by the taliban is out of the hospital.
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15-year-old malala was released today after undergoing a successful five hour surgery on her skull and ear. she will continue her rehabilitation at her family's temporary home in england. she was targeted by the taliban for promoting girls education and criticizing the militant group that opposes it. she will likely stay in england since her father secured a position in germantown. the alexandria fire department is remembering a fallen hero tonight. joshua was a paramedic and he died in the line of duty one year ago. he was responding to a car fire on i-395 and he fell through a break in the raised roadway and suffered a severe head injury. despite an effort to save him, he died. today, the fire department paid tribute to the seven-year fire veteran with the remembrance ceremony and they renamed the department's professional development center in his honor. >> still ahead in tonight's buddy check 9 report, andrea roane shows us how hundreds of
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breast cancer survivors and their supporters are cycling for survival this weekend. >> but up next, the story behind this . don't forget, we are always on at and the app, don't forget that. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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those are south koreaen military. their life is full of endless snow shoveling and this. the story is john or airman 24 f 01. because of all this work, he only gets to spend ten minutes with his visiting girlfriend, so she dumps him. a fate that every military man will undergo. that's according to his comrades. the video has become an internet hit and organizers hope it will become a repeat of the gangnam style craze. and a group of tourists just went swimming with the dolphins when a much larger creature decided to hone in.
5:41 pm
folks from the boat said the whale swam around and around their boat for 30 minutes. even gave the group a little tail wave there. the owner says the group never thought they were in danger. in fact, he has seen this same female humpback so many times, his friend nicknamed her, juanita. juanita the people eater. >> just so we are clear, not anita. >> that's right. >> now one for the record books in australia. >> newborn, oliver, came into this world weighing close to 15- pounds. oliver's mother was in shock that she had given birth to a toddler. >> we know what you're thinking out there. lesli and i were thinking the same thing. oliver was delivered by c- section. mom and baby are doing just fine tonight. >> oh no, not pushing all that out. >> still ahead, grammy host, l.l. cool j. talking about the
5:42 pm
grammy's new dress code. what's up with that hat, dude? and how grammy organizers shifted into plan b after tragedy struck the day before the big event.
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no breasts, butts, or bare skin. that's the word from cbs on the dress code. second year host, l.l. cool j doesn't see a problem. >> i don't know what i want to wear. and you know what, when you talk about musicians, putting a dress code in place means that they may come half way decent, all right? let's just get clothes on them. all the dress code is going to do is get clothes on people. >> i wonder if he will bring that hat back. sunday's extravaganza will be lift challenging and emotional, and everyone who helped put it all together. singer, whitney houston died the day before last year's grammies, leaving them to come up with a plan b. >> there's no way around this. we had a death in our family. g breaking news. >> whitney houston, one of the
5:46 pm
greatest voices of our generation has died. >> i'm l.l. cool j. when that tragic news hit, i was part of an extraordinary team preparing for the biggest night. >> just a super bowl. >> it's the grammy's, it's where everybody connects. >> there he is. >> through our sadness, one thing was for certain. the grammy's would honor this musical icon and the show has to go on. >> i have done 32 of these and this is pretty remarkable. it was a really tough show to do. things happen you never expect. >> we live in this bubble and we are in the middle of rehearsal. you don't realize the impact. >> my phone started to blow up and it was overwelming number of calls for people offering their support. >> a will the of us holding hands tonight. >> it's timeless. i think that's what all of us as artists are trying to achieve. >> i think the tone for this
5:47 pm
grammy's is different than any other. >> this was the right way to open the show, given what happened in the past 24 hours. >> all the people associated with the show had stayed up all night to scramble to move the things around to be able to pay tribute to whitney. >> i knew it was going to be a long day and a long night. when trouble hits you, you hit back. a singular voice. wusa9 is your home for the grammy's. during the show, it starts at 8:00 p.m. we are hosting a live web chat with two of the hottest radio personalities. and sunny from wpgc. derek and lesli will be joining them. you can tweet with them or join us on facebook at in fact, if you like us on facebook before the grammy's are over, you are automatically entered to win an ipad mini.
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as soon as the show is over, the newses begins with the after party. talk everything from fashion to the red carpet, to this year's biggest moment. tune in. >> no shortage of snowy video to show you tonight. this comes to us from portland, maine, where the snow is being blamed for a 19 car pileup on i- 295. luckily, only a few minor injuries, just a lot of cars sliding around. >> technically -- >> from the blizzard. >> really? >> there are two storms. one in the midwest and one in the south. that is bonus snow. >> oh. bonus. >> she says, i have 3 inches. that is bonus snow. that's not the main event. >> wow. >> there's only a line for you. >> exactly. let's start with a picture. this was sent to us by a viewer. we showed you video earlier from warrenton and from leesburg and this is a little more snow further south and
5:49 pm
west. and brenda sent this in. nice job, brenda, they had 3 1/2 inches. that's a pretty sight, i must say. it's all we have to show you from our storm. here's a live look outside. it is our live michael and son weather camera. temperatures are not bitterly cold just yet. 42 downtown. winds are picking up out of the northwest at 12 and they will gust over 30 miles per hour before all is said and done. after midnight and early on saturday. 38 in germantown. 38 in rockville. 38 arlington. 40 in oldtown. 39 in bowie. 40 in annapolis, and 40 also down toward waldorf. here's the storm. it is hammering southern new england now. some places north of new york city up toward ridgefield. 5 inches on the ground already. the bronx has 5 inches on the ground. wind is 36 miles per hour at laguardia. the storm is still off our coast. so, they have a ways to go. tonight is going to be a big-
5:50 pm
time -- conditions are going to deteriorate all night in new england. we have a couple showers pushing through. and maybe we see a wet snow flake before all said and done. but that's looking like probably just confined to northern areas toward frederick and the mountains. west of the divide, they have a winter weather advisory for tonight. some showers for the commute home. winds pick up. generally after midnight. windy and colder saturday. milder and nice on sunday. we close the weekend on a nice note. so, mostly cloudy, windy and colder. shower or snow shower possible. lows 26 to 32. most folks below freezing tonight. windy and cold, grab your shades. winds tomorrow gusting to 30. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, which means windchills in the teens and 20s. by afternoon, highs near 40. not quite as windy, but mostly sunny. windchills now in the 20s as opposed to the teens. next three days, we're going to keep everything green. saturday, very windy in the
5:51 pm
morning. 39. very nice on sunday. sunshine, a few clouds come in late, but bulk of the day is very nice. upper 40s. on monday, we are tracking another storm. this is a mild storm. mild with showers, temperatures in the low 50s. now the next seven days, we're going to sandwich a very nice tuesday inbetween another wet wednesday. 51 with showers on tuesday. 45 on wednesday. more rain could end with snow late wednesday night early on thursday morning, back in the 40s on thursday and back in the low 50s with sunshine next friday. all right, gang, how is everybody doing out there? football is over, of course, let's move on to a different sport. a group of d.c. area youngsters will be competing in a tournament. i'll explain what that means in a moment. a bethesda team with one of the top competitors in the country. this sport has actually changed
5:52 pm
one young man's life. >> with that, fernando begins practice for students in his brazilian class. juditzu is more than just fighting. >> it's my job to get them by the hand, make them feel comfortable, make them feel welcome over here and make sure that i give confidence that nobody is going to hurt them. >> the confidence they learn here can help them throughout life. >> and it teaches you life lessons? >> yes, it does. don't judge a book by its cover. i've been beat by 70-pound kid when i'm 88-pounds. >> by all accounts, he was a poor student, disrespectful, and undisciplined before taking up the sport. >> something was missing. i knew something was missing. his grades were going bad in school and i didn't know what to do. >> i wasn't very disciplined. i was a little monster. >> a little monster?
5:53 pm
>> yeah. and it changed my life around. >> are you good at it? >> i don't want to be cocky, but i would say i'm pretty good. i'm not the best in the world. i want to be. >> 11-year-old is well on his way. >> to be number one in the state of maryland, to be number three in the region, and then top ten in the u.s. i don't really care about those medals. i just want to him to win the medal in my heart. >> more than a dozen of his fellow fighters are on their way to los angeles to compete in the brazilian championship. students 6 to 13 years old will grapple, strike, and flip their way through a tournament that their instructor teaches them more than just winning. >> good luck to those kids. they'll be in los angeles tomorrow. one final note, the academy hopes to expand its reach to
5:54 pm
offer free classes to foster children and to veterans. how about that? >> thanks, dave. there's still much more to come on 9news. >> senator warner blast defense contractors for their absence. i'm peggy fox. the latest on se se
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tomorrow is the 9th of the month. you don't have to wait until then to call your buddy. annual mammogram and a visit to the doctor or nurse practitioner can make a difference when it comes to your breast health. you can also help fight cancer with a special bike ride this weekend. >> from vet mirror all the way to this mirror, full of spin bikes. 130 spin bikes. end over end, all facing this direction, and then three lead bikes. the instructor bikes in this column, that column, it's a sea of bikes. it's unbelievable vision to behold. >> that's adina. the manager in bethesda. he is excited about hosting sunday's cycle for survival. nearly 200 bikes will be in the gym. riders will be cycling all day long in two shifts. >> every bike is full with people that put themselves out there to stand for the possibility for a cure for
5:58 pm
cancer. >> mary will be on one of those stationary bikes sunday. she and her 16-member team will be getting a workout and celebrating months of successful fund raising to help finance therapies into rare cancers. >> my individual goal was 10,000, which i'm $35 short at the moment. and my team goal was $30,000 and i'm at $27,361 right now. >> this is mary's second year of cycling for survival. 100% of all the funds raised will benefit the most promising research and clinical tiles into rare cancers at memorial's cancer center in new york. >> it's not just a worthwhile cause for mary, it's highly personal. after being misdiagnosed in 2009, she endured nine surgeries to fight stage 3 metstatic breast cancer. she still faces side effects. aimed at preventing a
5:59 pm
recurrence. >> i have 34 radiation treatments. i got chronic lung disease. i have heart damage. if you're not strong, it's not good. >> today, that stronger determined mary is not content to sit on the sidelines. she is fully engaged in the fight against breast cancer and all rare cancers. and she is asking for your support. >> you know, we are all in this together. no one beats cancer unless we all beat cancer. >> andrea roane, wusa9. the rate of snowfall and reduced visibility during the evening rush hour in particular will make safe travel nearly impossible. >> airlines have canceled thousands of flights this weekend. >> i'm prepared. we have an inground generator. >> stay off the city streets. stay out of your car. >> the final frenzy before the snowfall. bacon and ice cream are one of the top sellers in the store. >> this is


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